Boxing for all abilities.


This is more than just your usual ‘BoxFit’ type of bag class. FitClub boxing will take your fitness training to a whole new level – the best of where old school meets the new. Gloves on and hands up – you’ll face the fast pace and explosive power of the boxers workout combined with the sharp state of mind needed to survive a boxing match – and of course you’ll work your core, arms, legs and conditioning in the style and spirit that can only be found at FitClub. You will work the heavy bag and your body like you’ve never done before. Run by USA Boxing Certified Boxing Trainer Todd Paris - you are guaranteed to get one of the most unique and intense full body workouts that any fitness center has to offer. The perfect supplement to what you’re doing.

Boxing Sparring:

-This class is a smart and safe approach to understanding and practicing the sweet art of defense. Taught by USA Boxing Certified Coaches - sparring will be one step closer to actual sparring. You will NOT be sparring in this class right away, but you will be on your way to sparring if that is a path you'd want to take - the class will be a mix of those sparring and those working on defense -For this sparring/intro to defense class you will partner up with another boxing student and learn how to block punches, slip punches, learn proper footwork and head movement, how to judge distance and how to defend yourself in a sparring (or even street) situation. - All participants must have a working knowledge of all FitClub’s Boxing Punch Number System and/or have some boxing experience. FitClub reserves the right to deny any individuals participation if it determined that participating in the class is too dangerous for them or others.  All participants are required to have a mouth guard, and it is strongly recommended that they have 16oz boxing gloves. 2nd level of defense work will require headgear.