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Our functional program focuses on burning calories through cardio and strength-training circuits, pushing you to your limits and supporting you with motivation and team atmosphere.


his is a class that combines a little of everything. Strength, endurance, gymnastics, cardio, lifting and more. This is a hybrid class that will challenge you, and with the varied workouts it will never be boring!

Fitness room in the morning


A large focus on developing the mind / muscle connection through compound movements. This class will cover the fundamentals of powerlifting, including multi joint exercises to develop strength and power, followed by muscular endurance circuits to strengthen both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, as well as your Central Nervous System.

Woman With Perfect Body During Exercise - Red Dumbbells


This class will focus on developing your lower body, but more importantly your glutes. Your legs and glutes are your biggest muscle group on your body which translates to an increased metabolism the more developed they are. A higher metabolism means more energy, and the option to consume more food without gaining weight. Who wouldn't want that? Not to mention, you'll look fab in those jeans!


This class will focus on cardiovascular health and endurance. It'll be a progressive build up on your current cardio foundation so beginners to advanced can see improvement each class.


This class will focus on stretching techniques, yoga, foam rolling and more. A combination of everything we need to take care of our sore muscles!



Obstacle course events are becoming more popular lately but there aren't many facilities offering a variety of training to compete in them. Here at FiClub, we will put you through an intense session of bodyweight movements, rope techniques, endurance exercises and more to prepare your body for the woods and mud. Planned, executed exercise with as little rest as possible.


This weightlifting class will be about lifting with proper form, technique and breathing exercises. This class will be slow and deliberate but don't be surprised if you wake up the following day super sore! Each week will rotate a variety of strength exercises to ensure you can train safely on your own at a later time. If you're looking to develop your body, this is a great class for beginners to advanced.