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The Practical Perks of Deadlifting: Beyond the Gym

Deadlifts are often hailed as a powerhouse move in the fitness world, but their benefits extend far beyond building muscle and strength. This seemingly simple ...
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Ignite Your Afterburn: The Science of Maximizing Post-Workout Calorie Burn

Discovering how to harness the power of Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) is a game-changer in the realm of fitness. EPOC signifies the oxygen your ...
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A Farewell From Rube Vogel

Dear FitClub Family, I am writing to all of you today to express my sincerest and deepest gratitude for allowing me to be your fitness ...
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Discovering Home: A Personal Fitness Odyssey 

Have you ever walked into a gym, received a scan tag, and felt like just another face in the crowd? If that experience left you ...
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A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Let’s dive straight in. It’s mid-January, and if your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, you might be grappling with dwindling motivation. Beginning a ...
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Stay Hydrated in Winter: The Importance of Water During Dry Months

As the air turns crisp and cold, it’s easy to forget about the importance of staying hydrated. Unlike the scorching summer heat that leaves us ...
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Off-Season Golf Fitness: Building Strength for a Powerful Swing

With the golf season winding down, it’s the perfect time to shift your focus to enhancing your physical fitness. The off-season provides a unique opportunity ...
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Thanksgiving: The Joyful Reprieve in Your Fitness Journey!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s easy to worry about the potential conflict between holiday feasting and your fitness goals. Yet, it’s key to remember ...
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The Grind in the Gym: The Unsung Hero of Consistency

We’ve all heard the phrase, “No pain, no gain.” While it might sound cliché, there’s a kernel of truth in it, especially when it comes ...
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The Top 10 Reasons to Do Medicine Ball Slams

A Power-Packed Workout Game-Changer Med ball slams are a unique and versatile exercise that you’ve seen to become a staple here at FitClub Wellesley. If ...
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